• Michael

    GM & Beer Genius
    Michael likes Tigers (Detroit and Siberian), Golf, Star Trek (Dork), Pool, women, privacy, mustard, spicy food, being boring. He dislikes underwear, beer geeks, being beat by Beth at golf, hair on his head, making facial expressions, rainy days in golf season, and people that wears crocs or uggs. Secretly, he likes TV shows that make him cry.
  • Beth

    Brain Child
    Beth likes puppies and all other animals (except bees), art, Jennette, Ferndale, seeing people fall, golf, christmas beers, OEB employees, houses on couches, eggs. She dislikes mustard. Secretly, she likes children's movies, the ones about "a boy and an animal" where the boy rescues a wild animal from danger, they form a friendship, they frolic, they get separated, they get reunited and in the end, he has to set it free.
  • Pam

    Resident Mom
    Pam likes beer, her family (the good ones) Traditions, Ranch dressing, Sunday road trips, clean stuff, cleaning clean stuff, making the staff clean clean stuff, re-cleaning clean stuff that the staff didn't clean right, yard art. She dislikes gluten, being referred to as Mom at work, the idea of broken finger nails, popsicles or anything involving wood in her mouth. Secretly, she likes witches (she thinks she is one, she just can't seem to figure out how to connect with her powers…yet.)